January 3rd 2023:

About my work and background

I have been a full-time science journalist since 2006. I am specialized in space engineering, but I also write quite much about astronomy and more randomly about other subjects.

Tähdet ja avaruus journal [Stars and Space] has been my main media for the whole time, I started writing there in 2004, first part-time. Nowadays I usually write about 12-18 pages per issue (8 issues per year) and about half of the daily short news stories on their webpage.

I'm glad that compared to the population of Finland, there are more members in the national Ursa Astronomical Association than almost any other country. This also ensures that the quality of the magazine can be kept high.

I have been active in different voluntary organizations most of my life. In years 2013-2018 I have been a board member in Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists. In years 2008-2013 I was in the board of Ursa Astronomical Association.

During my student years I took part in several of ESA's student activities, such as Parabolic Flight Campaign, Ariane 5 launch trip and REXUS sounding rocket campaign. I arranged a student excursion to Esrange in 2003 and two excursions to Moscow space industry in the years 2005 and 2007.

I am an alumnus of International Space University's Summer Session Program 2003, and I can warmly recommend ISU courses for anyone who wants to work in the space sector.

I am also an active member in the Finnish Astronautical Society and I served as their contact person to International Astronautical Federation in 2011-2019.

Besides writing, I have experience on teaching work, I have taught Space technology course in Tampere University of Technology for four years. I have held courses and lectures on amateur astronomy for several amateur astronomy associations. I also have a wide knowledge on the space related computer software and 3D rendering of space subjects.

As a freelancer I'm naturally open to any negotiations on work projects and feel free to contact me.